Old male looking for a new home

Har du unger eller voksne rotter til salg? Salgsannoncer postes her, og vedlæg gerne nogen billeder :-)

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Old male looking for a new home

Indlæg af Mythrilman » fre nov 29, 2019 1:45 pm

Hi everybody,

Yesterday our Kurt lost his last cagemate, his sister, to pneumonia. He is looking for a new rat gang. He is a brown castrated (dwarf?) male of almost 2 years. Due to our current financial situation we are not able to risk adopting new ones for a while since we are international students. He is a bit skittish, but playful and a true drama queen. We would be really grateful if he could continue his care-free life. Feel free to ask any question about him.

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Re: Old male looking for a new home

Indlæg af Lylle My » fre nov 29, 2019 8:57 pm

Hi, Mythrilman.

It would be really helpful to know, where in Denmark you and Kurt are located at the moment. I might be able to find room for an extra cage and give him a couple of baby rats for company, if you live close to Aalborg. But if you live in Copenhagen or Århus it could be a bit of a problem. :neutral:

Also, do you have any pictures of the little oldtimer, you could link to? Pictures are always a good way to create interest from other ratowners. :wink:
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